Dining on the Water

Imagine for just a moment that you are savoring our deliciously homemade Lithuanian food along with refreshing Lithuanian beverages – not at our usual rustic wooden tables surrounded by the old-world charm of our red clay brick restaurant walls but right in the very heart of the San Francisco Bay!

Off on the horizon, a majestic sunset covers the Golden Gate Bridge as the day comes gently to an end, giving way to evening waves that crash onto Alcatraz Island. As you sail back to shore, you reflect on a perfectly lovely day on the bay.

No, this is not a dream. It is a dining experience like no other.

Maybe it is your wedding anniversary dinner, or your festive birthday bash, or maybe a first date to remember forever or finally a business meeting that seals the deal of your lifetime.

Make your memories on the waves!

The owner of Mama Papa Lithuania is also a US Coast Guard licensed Captain.  Together with Captain Jan Passion they have over 30 years experience on the water.

Captain Jan has sailed in many oceans and enjoys sharing stories of far off places.  Captain Vaidas and Jan are standing by and ready to serve you delectable Lithuanian dishes while navigating Captain Jan’s beautiful, versatile Seawind 1000 www.SailHokahey.com in the swirling tides of the San Francisco Bay.  Hokahey has a generous enclosed salon, for those who wish to keep warm and dry, and lovely outdoor seating as well – for those who wish to enjoy the breeze and the unobstructed views of this gorgeous place we call home.  A catamaran also offers a stable table while you enjoy your amazing Lithuanian cuisine.

In short, incredibly delicious food, spectacular views of the bay, experienced captains waiting to take you away on a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

Pick up at Berkeley Marina:

Two options:

Option 1:

Sailing in the bay up to 4 hours
$600 weekdays vessel charter plus $300 food and beverages (up to 6 passengers)
$700 weekends & holidays vessel charter plus $400 food and beverages  (up to 6 passengers)

Option 2:
Sailing out under the Golden Gate Bridge on the Pacific Ocean up to 8 hrs:
$900 weekdays vessel charter plus $600 food, and beverages (up to 6 passengers)
$1,100 weekends & holidays vessel charter plus $700 food and beverages  (up to 6 passengers)


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