Dining on the Water

Imagine for just a moment that you are savoring our deliciously homemade Lithuanian food along with refreshing Lithuanian beverages not at our usual rustic wooden tables surrounded by the old-world charm of our red clay brick restaurant walls but right in the very heart of the San Francisco Bay waters.
Off on the horizon, a majestic sunset covers the Golden Gate Bridge for the very last time as the day comes gently to an end, giving way to the rough evening waves that crash onto Alcatraz Island. As you sail back to shore, you reflect on a perfectly serene day on the bay.
No, this is not a dream. It is a dining experience like no other.
Maybe it’s your wedding anniversary dinner, or your festive birthday bash, or maybe your first date to remember forever or finally your business meeting that seals the deal of your lifetime.
Make your memories on the waves!
The owner of Mama Papa Lithuania and also a US Coast Guard licensed Captain, is standing by and ready to serve you delectable Lithuanian dishes while he navigates his beautiful Beneteau Oceanis 35.5 foot sail boat in the swirling tides of the San Francisco Bay.
In short, incredibly delicious food, spectacular views of the bay, and an experienced Captain and sailor is waiting to take you away on a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

There is no rush, but we do have a few promotional packages still available:

Local Trip

Alameda Grand Marina Guest Dock – Oakland West to East Estuary- Alameda Grand Marina Guest Dock

Lithuanian Appetizers + Drinks + Lunch + Desserts
* 6 guests 4 hrs $350 or 6 hrs $500

Lithuanian Appetizers + Drinks + Dinner+ Desserts
* 6 guests 4 hrs $500 or 6 hrs $650


Fun Trip

Alameda Grand Marina Guest Dock – San Francisco Bay – Alameda Grand Marina Guest Dock

Lithuanian Appetizers + Drinks + Lunch + Desserts
* 6 guests 5hrs $600 or 7-8hrs $850

Lithuanian Appetizers + Drinks + Dinner + Desserts
* 6 guests 5 hrs $700 or 7-8hrs $950


Grand Trip

Alameda or Oakland Jack London Square or San Francisco Pier 1.5 – Alcatraz – Angel Island- Golden Gate Bridge – Open Pacific Ocean- San Francisco Pier 1.5 or Jack London Square or Alameda
Lithuanian Appetizers + Drinks + Lunch and Dinner + Desserts
* 6 guests 8-12hrs $1200
Remember, you can order anything you like from our menu.

A small hint! Late evening sailing could be just as fun as sailing during the day.


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