About us

If this is your first Lithuanian dining experience, your new taste appreciation is about to expand and change forever. If you are a fan of our national cuisine, you will find the best of your favorite dishes served at “Mama Papa Lithuania Restaurant and Tea House”.

Our family traditions and home-style cooking embrace our history. We lovingly include the best of our cornucopia of Baltic, Eastern, and Central European cuisine. Of course, our specialty is potato dishes. Only your Mama can make a better “Cepelinai”.

We are embedded in our culture. We treasure the great regional variety that gives our unique food its flair. Our chef has over 30 years of experience in Lithuanian cookery. In his excellence, only the freshest and best receive his blessings.

We offer local wine and premium beer, including “Svyturys”, Lithuanian Gold Medal Winner Beer, as well as, a wide variety of Lithuanian herbal teas. And do not overlook our deserts – you will tell your grandchildren about this incredible ethnic treat.